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White Couch

No Problem!

90 days same as cash!

Convenient Lease to Own Options

Welcome to Own it 4 Less!

Now you can OWN the furniture that you love 4 Less with  the affordable solution that Own it 4 Less gives you. You don’t have to  leave the store empty handed! We have the right solution for you: less  headaches, less paper work, less waiting time.


Own it 4 Less guarantees more approvals than any other company. With  our distinctive underwriting process designed for these tough times and  the NO CREDIT NO PROBLEM philosophy for our customers, no one can beat  the thumbs up!

How it Works

No Credit No Problem!

We based our rent decision on your ability to pay rather than looking just at your credit score.

Customer Portal

Welcome to our online platform where you can effortlessly manage your account, make payments, check balances, and enjoy additional services - all free of charge. Experience the convenience and ease of handling your Account matters with us. 



10005 Northwest 21st Street, Doral, Florida 33172, United States

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