How It Works

No Credit No Problem

We based our rent decision on your ability to pay rather than look just your credit score.

Rental Process

Made an order on any of our partners Stores, bring the sales order to one of the sales representatives and they will help you on your application, it only take just a few minutes.

Required Documents

Most recent pay check stub must verify:

  • Minimum $1,000 income per month.
  • Customer must have been employed for past six months at the same job or within the same industry (No temp service).
  • Year-to-Date totals must be shown on check stub provided showing earned income for that year.

Most recent 90 days of bank transactions must verify:

  • Minimun of $1,000 in deposits in the month.
  • Good daily average balances with positive balance at beginning and end of statement.
  • Zero NSF (Non Sufficient Funds) fees or return charges.
  • Less than 6 overdraft charges.
  • More than 5 transactions in the month to be considered an active account.

Voided Check or bank verification form

  • Check must match the account number on the bank statement.

Copy of Government issued photo ID

  • Must show clear photo and signature.

Exceptions to our EASY requirements:

Self Employed

  • Must submit most recent 90 days of bank transactions.

Retirement/Social Security/VA/Long Term Disability

  • Must to provide benefit letter to verify monthly income.

Short Term Disability/Child Support/Unemployment/Alimony/Scholarships/Grants

  • Unfortunately at this time we are unable to accept these forms of income.
  • Consider adding a co-applicant that is able to provide a qualifying source of income.

Flexible Underwriting

Now you can apply regardless your credit score, we have a flexible and unique underwriting criteria that allow us to have more deals approved that our competitors, don’t hesitate just Own it 4 Less.

Automatic Approval

We beat any statistics; we have more automatic approvals than any other rental company on the market, with the automatic approval process you don’t have to worry about anything else, just enjoy your Furniture at home.

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